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My name is Morgan Perryman and I am the owner, primary editor, and also an author for Literary Ladies Ltd.
I am so excited that you have decided to visit our page! I wanted to share a little background information with you about myself and about the company. 

    As the primary editor, I want you to know that I have extensive experience helping writers of all ages.
     I graduated with my undergraduate degree in English Literature in 2016, with a focus on young adult literature. It was an incredible experience that taught me a new appreciation for this genre.


 Before graduating with my Master's in Education in 2017, I worked for more than 5 years as a professional tutor (first through Sinclair Community College and then as a private tutor). In both of these positions, I worked with students ages 16 all the way into their 70s!  
      Since graduation, I have worked as an English teacher and then as both an author and private editor for indie authors. 


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