Who are we?

Literary Ladies Ltd. is a small publishing company from Dayton, Ohio. We specialize in beta reading, developmental editing services, copy editing services, and some general marketing services. Our goal is to help authors who want to self-publish do so in a way that takes some of the fear out of the process, answers some of the most commonly asked questions, and sets him/her/them on the right path to success!tion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Why do we say your “masterpiece” instead of just "manuscript" or "project?"

One of the scariest things for every new writer is when to use the proper titles. We know that for a lot of new writers using the title “author” can be terrifying. A lot of writers don’t feel like they deserve to use it. We think that this title is earned as soon as you decide to put in the work to create something that only you can.
Only you can create something from your mind, with your knowledge, your imagination. You have made the decision to put your work out there and you should be proud of it every step of the way!
We know that by the time you are done working with our team it will be a Masterpiece, so we will give both you and your work the titles you deserve.

Do I have to sign up for all your services?

Definitely not! We offer a variety of services that we hope fits each individual author’s budget. Our prices are well under what most micro-publishers cost and we feel that our prices accurately represent the cost of our time, expertise, and the passion we put into supporting every project. If you have any questions please email literaryladiesltd@gmail.com

Does Literary Ladies Ltd offer PRINT services?

No. We do not currently operate as a printing press. Instead, we act on behalf of our full-service clients to work with printing presses like Kindle Direct Publishing or Ingram Sparks.

What is your refund/return policy?

For Authors: Due to the nature of editing, we do not currently offer returns or refunds on any work or services offered. If for any reason you are unhappy or dissatisfied with our work, please contact literaryladies@gmail.com

For Others: If you have purchased one of our books through Amazon and it has somehow been damaged in transit or you would like to return to book for other reasons, please see our shipping and returns page for more details on how to do so.

Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices are well within (we feel well below) the industry standards and are therefore not available for negotiation. Likewise, unlike industry standards, we pay our beta readers and in order to do so fairly we do not negotiate prices.

How did we come up with the brackets for developmental editing?

Our developmental editing brackets are broken down to help aid authors stay within the generally accepted word count limits for each genre.

What happens if I go over the word limit for a bracket? Will I be automatically be bumped to the next bracket?

Our brackets are set up according to our private pay layout for our beta readers. We value the time and effort it takes for our beta readers to read and provide feedback for each masterpiece.

We encourage you to reflect on your word count before sending in your masterpiece for a quote and adjust it according to your budgeting needs. Please contact us directly for more information!

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