The "find and replace" tool can be your best friend!

Use it to eliminate double spaces, unnecessary spaces after paragraphs, and any other "invisible" marks that might mess up your document across different formats.

Ebook Tips: Ebooks DO NOT require page numbers.

Most e-readers will automatically create page numbers, so adding them will actually create confusion!

Paperback: Make sure you start your page numbers with the first page of text and not with the front matter!

Use a Page Break (Ctrl+ENTER) after finishing a chapter or to create a break in the pages.

Tip: Using Page breaks will also help clean up your Table Of Contents when creating your Front and Back Matter

What should be in my Front Matter?

In the US, "Front Matter" typically includes a title page, a copyright page, a dedication, and a Table of Contents.

What should be in the Back Matter?

In the US, "Back Matter" typically includes a Leave A Review Page, an About the Author Page, and an Acknowledgements Page.

(Some of these pages are optional. However, we suggest what is usually considered the industry standard.) 


Ebook Fonts & Sizes:

When choosing the fonts for your heading, we suggest using the standard font styles already available in your word processing program. These are the most commonly recognized fonts by different programs and e-readers. Using large sizes (above 18 pt.) may also show up differently than expected.

Paperback Fonts & sizes:

We suggest using Times New Roman or something similar with the main text of your book. The standard size we suggest for the main body of text is 12pt. 

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