Love Me Sheets


Note from our founder:

Inspired by my incredible nephew, Mighty Maddox, I have created this FREE service for parents with kids with disabilities as a way to help parents of kids who are differently-abled to create documents for their child's babysitters, teachers, medical professionals, therapists, and anyone else who might have to temporarily care for their child. 

Love Me Sheets sheets are designed to help anyone caring for your child to love them in the way they need! This includes instructions on tube feeding steps, catheter implantations, help with wheelchairs, and anything else you might need a caregiver to know!

Special Note: Downloading, editing, or reproducing these sheets is encouraged. However, instructions included on these sheets does not constitute official medical advice and all caregivers and parents should seek the advice of medical professionals before use. Literary Ladies Ltd. is not responsible for the misuse or mishandling of any medical device or equipment and any damages sustained (whether on equipment or damages of a person or person(s)) By downloading these sheets you are releasing Literary Ladies of any and all liability and are using each at your own discretion.

What Types of Documents Do We Help With?

A Hospital Stay Sheet

Leaving your child in the hospital for an amount of time can be scary! 

Oftentimes multiple trips to different hospitals or specialists can result in directives being missed or changed. Use this sheet to leave messages for when you're not there!

Wheelchair care and instructions

This printable is designed to be help with the breaking down or setting up of your child's wheelchair or other specialized seat. Click on the link below and follow the instructions on the sheet.

Coming Soon!

Feeding Tube Sheet

This is a sheet given to someone caring for your child who may be unfamiliar with using a feeding tube for the first time.

Note: This is for 1 type of tubing and 1 type of machine. If your child uses a different machine, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in changing it to fit your needs!

Wheelchair Lift Instructions

This printable is designed to help with moving your child onto a wheelchair lift--whether on a school bus or specialized van. Click on the link below and follow the instructions on the sheet.

Coming Soon!

"Your Germs Are Too Big for Me" Printable

This printable is designed to be attached to your child's carrier, stroller, or wheelchair. Click on the link below and follow the instructions on the sheet.

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