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Our team has experience constructing, editing, and analyzing resumes from a variety of careers.

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Author and Musician Fiona Howell will be releasing her thrilling tale, Blackwood, in fall of 2021.

Blackwood is a unique combination of historical fiction and thriller! Lovers of tales like the Lady in Black by Susan Hill and Turn of the Screw by Henry James will not be able to resist this captivating ghost story! 

Follow the links below to learn more about her incredible careers in both music and writing!

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Natural Born


All 16-year-old Quid wants is to live a normal life, but it’s almost impossible when she keeps a secret that could change the world. With every emotion, she alters the environment around her. She helps the withering plants grow. Animals flock to her for help. The wind whirls if she gets too excited. The rain pours when she is sad. Nature responds to her every mood.
             Meanwhile, something, or someone, is spreading toxic contamination that threatens to decimate both forest and farmland. On a summer trip, Quid meets a strange group that calls themselves The Believers. They claim to want to help the land and stop the threat, but what lengths are they willing to go? As the poison in the land spreads, she wonders if she is the one destined to defeat it. If she does, will it cost her her secret? How long will it be before it's all too much for her to control?

Of Arrows & Anarchy

A new twist on a familiar tale, this is Robin Hood as you’ve never seen it before...

The cries of the citizens of Notting echo through the streets. As the selfish king refuses to change his ways, Lady Robyn of Loxley knows something must be done. Furious with those who turn a blind eye to the plight of the people, she will stop at nothing to help bring justice to her kingdom.

Lady Marian has studied for years to become the Royal Healer and earn her place at court. Torn between her loyalty to the crown and what’s right for her people, she is forced to make a choice. Should she follow her heart and risk everything she has ever known or follow the orders of a mad king?

As tensions at court increase and loyalties are tested, each woman must decide.
How much they are willing to risk? How far they are willing to go?
Will they join together or destroy each other?

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Rise of the Vordur

Emma’s life is over. After years spent rejected by her family, tucked away in a mental hospital for her beliefs in the fae, she has given up. She cannot stand to feel like an outsider anymore. Just as all hope is lost, Emma discovers that she wasn’t crazy at all. In fact, everything she knew about what is real and what isn’t is about to change. Thrust into a war between the realms, Emma discovers things about herself, her family, and the world she truly belongs in that she never believed possible—including a love she never expected. Will she fit into this new role? How far is her new family willing to go to protect her from the evil sweeping the realm?

The Rise of the Vörður a thrilling, high fantasy novel full of action, adventure, romance, and more!

**This is a dark paranormal romance. Due to adult themes, language, violence, and steamy scenes this book is recommended for 18+**

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This Is Insanity

We are proud to be working alongside author Sheryl McLean on her romantic suspense novel, This is Insanity! 

This is an amazing story of a young woman who has spent almost her whole life locked away for an illness she doesn't have. Millie's parents send her away when she admits her secret. She can see the dead.

     Now Millie must fight for more than just escape. She will have to fight for freedom, love, and justice for what's been done.

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Author Coaching Projects

We Never Said Goodbye

We are proud to have worked alongside author Chloe Whyte on her memoir, We Didn't Get to Say Goodbye. 

This is a heartbreaking story of love, loss, and one daughter's struggle to understand the story behind her mother's struggles and eventual suicide.

(Although we were happy to help Chloe take her first steps in creating this project, her links are not featured as she used an outside editing service.)