Natural Born---Meet Quid!

All 16-year-old Quid wants is to live a normal life, but it’s almost impossible when she keeps a secret that could change the world. With every emotion, she alters the environment around her. She helps the withering plants grow. Animals flock to her for help. The wind whirls if she gets too excited. The rain pours when she is sad. Nature responds to her every mood. Quid can’t just be a teenager, go to high school, make friends. Her influence fries every computer and blows the lights out when she gets too excited or upset. She can never lose control. How can she live a life where she is never allowed to feel real joy, sorrow, or even love?

Meanwhile, something, or someone, is spreading toxic contamination that threatens to decimate both forest and farmland. On a summer trip, Quid meets a strange group that calls themselves The Believers. They claim to want to help the land and stop the threat, but what lengths are they willing to go?

As the poison in the land spreads, she wonders if she is the one destined to defeat it. If she does, will it cost her her secret? How long will it be before it's all too much for her to control?

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